Bienvenue à 1987

DiaryIt’s always exciting to open a new diary in my followthehumming story. This time the new year is 1987 and – if I had but known it at the time – it’s full of promise. I’m on a year abroad from university and living in Royan, on the French Atlantic coast. I’m about to start a relationship with my future wife and to make some friendships which turned out to be very important to me. My first entry of the year is to apologise for the ridiculous ostentation of the new diary I’d just bought – France didn’t seem to be big on them at the time, so I had to settle for this one.

Back in January 1987, I had no idea that I would one day be living in a futuristic world of selfie sticks and vaping, avatars and hashtags, unfriending and trolling…let alone that I’d be writing about the differences between then and now in a blog that can be read almost anywhere in the world!


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