About me and the diaries

I’m using the ten years of diaries I kept from 1985 as way of looking at what’s changed between then and now in terms of popular culture, technology, media and communication. I’m following the diaries chronologically on a day-to-day basis – so I’m always writing exactly 28 years later than the events I’m reading about.

To put the whole thing into a bit of context, here’s a broader timeline of what was happening to me between 1985 and 1995.

Followthehumming timeline

Since the diaries ended, work and family life have kept me so busy that I haven’t had much  time to write about any of it until now. I currently live with my wife and three children in Yorkshire, in the north of England.

As well as being Chief Hummer at followthehumming.com, I look after all things digital at StepChange Debt Charity, and moonlight as the Producer at Movie Parties.

Just followthehumming. You know you want to.

Andrew Burgess


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